We’re Moving! We Moved!

I have a super exciting announcement. Seriously, this has been an on-going project for over two months now and I’m so happy that this moment has finally, finally come.

First, I’d really like to apologize for the lack of posts this week. Things have been crazy as I have been working so hard and really cracking down on my school work. Anyway, let’s get to this super exciting announcement…

In case you weren’t able to figure it from the title of this post; we’re moving! Not me, literally, but Must Come Hungry has found a new home on the inter-webs. I’ve been working on the design of this blog probably since the day I wrote my very first post. Man, has this been a frustrating process but I’m glad to say that I have learned so much more about web design and word press in general.

Please come join me and my kitchen adventures over at MustComeHungry.Com!


1 thought on “We’re Moving! We Moved!

  1. haha!!! I know the feeling!!! It wasn’t even a month before I said the heck with wordpress.com and moved to wordpress.org! I am also a new blogger with no knowledge of web design at all!!! it literally took me a total of 4 days (straight, no sleep) to figure out the whole process and do the move. I love being self hosted and not owing anyone anything. Unlike the blogger platform & other blog platforms where they own you, wordpress allows you to be in full control!!!!

    Good luck with the move. And, if you need any help WHAT SO EVER, do not hesitate to contact me. ThePoshLatinCook @ gmail


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